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BAND: Claustrofobia

Claustrofobia is releasing their fifth studio album "Peste" in October, on the Sangre label. Sung entirely in Portuguese and building on their breathtaking trademark sound, "Peste" confirms the band as one of the most intense and aggressive on the metal scene.

The album was produced by Ciero, at Da Tribo Studio. He is already renowned on the metal scene for his excellent work with bands such as Krisiun, Ratos de Porão, Presto?, Subtera, Torture Squad, and many others. He also produced Claustrofobia's second and third albums - "Thrasher" and "Fulminant.

The partners are back at work again and even more inspired, with a surprising final upshot. "Peste" is heavy, aggressive and dirty. It is also organic and old school, as a real metal album ought to sound. It is built on intense and surreal guitar solos, tons of incredibly fast, creative and technical drumming, powerful guttural vocals, and growling bass tones. It also features some unusual elements, turning their music into something different, distilling "Pure Brazilian Metal" out of it.

"Bastardos do Brasil", "Metal Malóka"and "Pinu da Granada" are catchy and groovy. "Bicho Humano" features a guest appearance from Henrique Fogaça, lead singer of the band Oitão, one of the pleasant revelations of the Brazilian brutal core. The surprise track is without any doubt "Nota 6.66", a traditional samba, played with cuica, tambourine, drums, but also incredibly heavy guitars.

"This is the typical soundtrack of that Brazilian who's happy in his blessed habitat, eating his barbecue and drinking alcohol, while the world collapses all around him" says Marcus D'Angelo, Claustrofobia's singer. Entirely sung in Portuguese, "Peste" depicts the harsh reality and opaque feelings shared by many Brazilians. It criticizes manipulators and parasites, cheap entertainment, and those who happily dance samba while the country holds up a corrupted background. It praises Brazilians who survive and carry on, hardened by years of suffering, the Brazilians who search for a dignified survival, who struggle not to become beasts despite society. It screams for progress with a positive mind. The cover art by Alex Spike is striking.

It features a mutant worm shaped as the band's logo that is nothing but a reflection of years of strife. "The art concept is the expression of our lives after all these setbacks, turning us into real monsters" explains Marcus. Thanks to their boldness, creativity, techniques and attitude, Claustrofobia undoubtedly reached their most complete and inspired masterpiece.

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