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BAND: Ira!
SITE: www.iraoficial.com

Edgard Scandura

Edgard Scandura's story is intertwined with the history of Brazilian music in the last 30 years, through Rock, Electronic and Underground music.

Throughout 3 decades his legacy of guitar solos, grooves and hits has earned virtually unanimous respect among public, critics and artists alike from various music scenes in Brazil.

Frequently elected best Brazilian guitarist, the left-hander who won’t reverse the strings to play, started playing as a 5-year-old boy and never stopped since. At 15 he discovered punk rock and that sparked his interest in the post-punk era experimentalism, exploring strange timbres with his guitar, while creating remarkable hits for “Ira!” - one of the most influential Brazilian rock bands, with whom he played and wrote more than 120 songs in 27 years. The name Ira! (With an exclamation mark reminiscent of Mod iconography like the target or the arrow) here means ire, rage or wrath in Portuguese, stirring “energy!”

So we see in Scandurra the same relentless pursuit we see in David Bowie or Serge Gainsbourg, artists who never surrendered to the success of a specific period in their careers. The proof is in the youth of his art and the close relationship with artists in the brand new generation of Brazilian pop music. Also, through the "Pequeno Cidadão" (Small Citizen) project he puts his guitar and his song writing skills to the service of children, making psychedelic music for a young audience, attracting most likely his fan’s kids.

At the moment he’s preparing a new album with songs and another instrumental, traveling on tour through Europe in a collaborative project with Toumani Diabate and Arnaldo Antunes and finally will show in in Portugal, for the first time, his solo work, where he demonstrates his ability to transit through different styles but always consistent with the distinctive traits of his pluck, his poetry, his solos and his voice.


1983 - Ira! (7” compact)
1983 - Ultraje a Rigor
1984 - Smack
1985 - Mudança de Comportamento (Ira!)
1987 - Vivendo e não Aprendendo (Ira!)
1988 - Psicoacustica (Ira!)
1989 - Amigos Invisíveis (1st solo album)
1989 - Clandestino (Ira!)
1990 - Meninos da Rua Paulo (Ira!)
1992 - Música Calma pra Pessoas Nervosas
1995 - 7 (Ira!)
1996 - Benzina (2nd solo album)
1998 - Você Não Sabe Quem Eu Sou (Ira!)
1999 - Isso é Amor (Ira!)
2000 - Ira! (Live)
2001 - Entre Seus Rins (Ira!)
2002 - Benzina aka Scandurra ( 3rd solo album)
2003 - MTV Acústico Ira!
2006 - Amor Incondicional (4th solo album)
2007 - Invisível Dj (Ira!)
2009 - Edgard Scandurra ao Vivo (5th solo album)
2011 - A Curva da Cintura (in collaboration with Arnaldo Antunes and Toumani Diabate

As a producer:

1986 - Gang 90 - Pedra 90
1987 - Mercenárias - Cadê as Armas
1988 - Mercenárias - Trash Land
2012 - Barbara Eugenia - É o que Temos

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