The Company

Tranquillo Giannini


In November 1900, a period full of hope and change had begun to spread throughout Brazil. Amid this environment filled with opportunities, the renowned Italian Luthier Tranquillo Giannini (born in October, 08, 1876, deceased in November, 24, 1952) decided to bet all his chips on a dream of his: to set up an acoustic musical instruments factory in Brazil - a land he loved. His pioneering attitude sprouted successful results. The small factory named after his family grew so quickly that by the 30's start the musical string production to create more products that would be associated with the Giannini story that had begun to flourish. 


Today, the Giannini family continues to cultivate the teachings of their patriarch. All its current production and imported series of instruments combines Mr. Tranquillo efficient technique to craft the most modern industrial technologies. It is with this philosophy that the Giannini of today works. Our products undergo strict quality control and leave the factories instilled with credibility and care, maintaining the fame of this brand that dates back to 1900. And of course, upkeeping the Giannini family's most valuable mantra: your signature.